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Charlie Philpott

Online Curriculum Vitae

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59 Romsley Road, Bartley Green, Birmingham, B32 3PR

About Me

My passion is the creation of any form of digital design, from animation to photography but I adore, web design. Everything about it interests me..... and sometime frustrates me, from designing the visual elements to the coding which brings them to life. I am currently looking for an employer which will help me build on the skills I have gained from both university and previous employers whilst I strive to advance myself within all aspects of web design.


In my spare time I often like to take photographs of natural landscapes and nature. I also like to experiment with different camera techniques. In the summer months, I am constantly riding my road bike to keep fit, which helps me to play football on the weekends.

Photography Cycling Football


Cutting Edge Coding

I have successfully used my knowledge of HTML(5) and CSS(3), to build and stylise professional websites. As well as continually learning new elements and properties, I am also currently learning both JQuery and JavaScript.

Responsive Web Design

My knowledge and experience of responsive web design assists in build or update websites for viewing optimisation on a multiple of devices.

Eye For Design

I have the ability to create visually appealing designs targeted at a specific audience. This is accomplished by combining my skills and experiences from designing different media’s into a single piece of design, also keeping up to date with the current trends and styles assists in achieving this.

Attention to Detail

I have always focused on achieving perfection within every piece of design I have created, from pixel perfect placement to choosing the appropriate enhancements to improve the visual appeal.

Layout Badge Colour Badge Typography Badge

With my experience in an array of different medias, I have acquired knowledge of various design principles such as layout, typography, colour theory and colour psychology. I have also gained knowledge and proficiency of a range of different design software, including Photoshop, Dreamweaver and After Effects.

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Freelance Web Designer

Currently I am a Freelance web designer. I have created visually attractive websites which have been specifically catered to the specifications of the client. With each project, I have progressed my coding knowledge and design skills which I am striving to always improve.

Artwork Creative

Throughout my final semester at university, I enrolled on a work placement at Artwork Creative. My duties included the creation of a variety of specifically designed website concepts, informational posters and imagery manipulation. I also acquired the knowledge to communicate with clients and successfully meet tight deadlines.


Creative Digital Media BA (Hons)

I am currently an undergraduate studying Creative Digital Media BA (Hons) at the University of Worcester. Throughout my time at University I have advanced my skills and knowledge of a variety of different medias, particularly within Web Design. I have gained an in-depth knowledge of an array of different design software, which assists me in creating visually attractive imagery and mock ups. My education has also assisted in the progression of my communicational skills and working individually and in a group environment.


References are available on request.