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Charlie Philpott

Online Portfolio | Web Designer

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About Me
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Charlie Philpott - Web Designer

Hi, welcome to my online portfolio. My passion is the creation of any form of digital design, from animation through to photography but I particularly like web design. Everything about it interests me..... and sometime frustrates me, from designing the visual elements to the coding which brings them to life. I hope you enjoy exploring this site as much as I had creating it.

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Cutting Edge Coding Badge

Cutting Edge Coding

With the web changing nearly every day, it is important to keep up to date with the latest coding language. I have knowledge and experience of using HTML(5) and CSS(3), which I have used to build, stylise and animate this and other websites. As well as learning the new elements and properties, I am also currently learning both JQuery and JavaScript.

Responsive Web Design Badge

Responsive Web Design

As every man and his dog can now access the web with one device or another, the importance of being able to create a responsive website that is optimised for every device has never been so great. I have the knowledge and experience to build a website which can be viewed on a multiple of devices. Scale down the width of this page and have a look for yourself.

Eye For Design Badge

Eye For Design

Since studying at College and University, I have been taught how to create visually appealing designs targeted at a specific audience. Researching and keeping up to date with web and design trends has also helps me achieve this.

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Other Skills
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As I have studied an array of different mediums, I have acquired knowledge of various design principles which I incorporate into the design of my websites. The main 3 I regularly incorporate are layout, colour theory / psychology and typography principles, which helps enhance the visual appeal of the design and portray the intended message.

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Graphic Design

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Motion Graphics

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My Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Photography Cycling Football

In my spare time I often like to take photographs of natural landscapes and nature. I also like to experiment with different camera techniques. Within the gallery is an array of my favourite images. In the summer months, I am constantly riding my road bike to keep fit, which helps me to play football on the weekends.

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Contact Me

If you wish to get it contact with me or would be able to give me any tips or advice on how I could improve, please either use the form or any of the links on the left side of the page, thanks. please use the form below, thanks.


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